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How to Move With Children: Best Tips

May 15

Moving with children is a challenge. There are many things you can do to make the move easier on everyone, including your kids. There are many ways to help keep your kids entertained during the move. Here are some tips. Stay positive and establish consistent routines. Make lists and use pictures and stories to keep them engaged. Then, pack the things you need and set up the new house. Keep in mind that the transition will take longer than you anticipated.

If you need assistance, you can always hire a moving company.

Maintaining a positive attitude

For kids, relocating can be overwhelming. They must say goodbye to their friends and old neighborhood and acclimate to a new school. Some may even struggle with new friends. To ease their transition, parents can talk to children about the positive aspects of the new school and neighborhood. In addition, parents can schedule day trips with the kids to help them become more acquainted with their new surroundings. Keeping a positive attitude while moving with children is an important part of the whole process, and can help prevent negative feelings from affecting the children.

Kids are extremely perceptive, and you can take care of their emotions by creating excitement about the move. Keeping the energy up is especially important during the transition, as kids may feel nervous or anxious as they adjust to their new home. For younger kids, hiring a babysitter may be a viable option. If you have older kids, this solution may also be suitable. However, if the kids are not yet in school, it may be easier to keep a positive attitude throughout the process.

Keeping routines consistent

Keeping routines consistent when moving with children is important, especially if you're in a new environment. Moving can be a long and hard process, with daily, unrelenting changes. For children, routine gives them security, comfort, and reliability. They may feel out of control during the transition, but allowing them to call the shots can give them some sense of control. Following these tips can help you and your children make the move a smooth one.

Regardless of whether you're moving within the same city or country or somewhere long distance, it's crucial to maintain your typical routine as much as possible. This means continuing to eat breakfast together, reading bedtime stories together, and watching favorite television shows. In addition, Dr. Cowan suggests that you keep family traditions like family art projects to commemorate the new house. Similarly, keeping in touch with new friends by attending events such as playgroups and social gatherings can help keep your kids busy.


There are numerous ways to prepare for packing when moving with children. The first thing to do is sort out what you'll be moving. It's much more effective to de-clutter everything in the presence of your kids. You can even highlight items you'd like to donate or discard prior to the move. A few easy packing ideas for children are books, board games, and plush toys. Getting some help with the packing process can make it easier on both of you.

Tell the kids why you're moving. Explain why you're moving and who's going with you. Also, be honest about the excitement of your new home. Let your kids know where they'll go to school and play. Make sure to explain the date of the move in terms they can understand. If your children are small, explain why you're moving and why. If they're old enough, they can help unpack and sort out their things.

Setting up rooms

If you're planning on moving with kids, you've probably noticed that it can be stressful. Even before you've arrived at your new address, show your kids around the new house. Point out anything that looks interesting, and make sure they know where everything is. You can prevent arguments about who gets to sleep where by setting up a fair competition. Here are some tips to set up bedrooms for children when moving with kids:

First, unpack the kids' room. This is the most important room, so try to pack their favorite toys and books. If possible, pack a change of clothing and fresh pajamas. Don't forget to pack a bed sheet for your children, too, because it'll help them feel like home quickly. If you have a nanny, be sure to ask for her help. You can also hire someone to help you with the packing process.

Talking to children

One of the most important things to remember when talking to children when moving with children is to make it as positive and as easy as possible. Children are sensitive to change and may act out in order to express their emotions. However, it is important to keep the conversation positive and to focus on positive changes that will come after the move. It is also crucial to be prepared to give your child time to process the information. Lastly, always remember to keep the conversation positive, and avoid making promises that you can't keep.

When talking to children about the move, keep in mind the age of the child. Young children don't have as strong an emotional investment in their social relationships as older children, and their needs are different. Additionally, young children are still adjusting to typical routines. As a result, moving can be difficult and upsetting for young children. It is also important to remember that children do not have a high level of understanding, so it is vital to be patient.