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Here are some things to know about local moves and hiring local

Jun 20


Local moves seem to be less expensive and more efficient than cross-country relocations. But, this is only true if you make the right decisions before you make a move. Local moves are those that are within 50 miles of your closest home. Any move further than this will be considered long-distance, even though it's within the same state.

These tips on moving are essential to be aware of before hiring local movers in Tampa.

1. The decision of whether to hire local moving companies or hire a professional to do the job yourself

Local moves can be a challenge and require many moving parts. Local movers are a great option to assist you in moving everything in your home. It is the most expensive choice. Local moves are typically priced per hour, plus the cost of transportation and gas.


You could also relocate locally and take on the task yourself. Local movers don't have to be hired. You can make it yourself and save some money. These are some questions to think about before you decide to do it yourself.

  • Do you have relatives or friends who could help you with the move?

  • Do you have the option of renting a truck? Perhaps a friend could loan you the truck.

  • Do you need help with moving heavy furniture or appliances?

  • Are there any fragile or valuable objects that you are moving?

  • Do you need any specific moving services (i.e., piano, pool table, gym equipment)?

2. How can I Find Local Movers?

When you are considering hiring local movers, it is crucial to do your homework. You want to choose an organization that is local and has an established reputation in the area. These suggestions will assist you to identify reliable local movers who can handle your belongings.

  • Ask family and friends for recommendations. You can save a lot of time by asking for recommendations from friends and family.

  • Check out the reviews and testimonials before you make contact with them. Ratings and reviews are a good way to establish a company's online reputation.

  • Get estimates on the cost of moving from local moving companies to help you select the best one. A low estimate could indicate that you've been scammed in moving. Be sure to get a written estimate before signing any contract.


3. How Much Does It Cost to get local movers?

You should be familiar with the average cost of local moving companies, so you can identify indicators of fraud. Local movers do not charge by the weight of your shipment, similar to cross-country moving firms. Instead, they charge you per hour. 40 dollars per hour or per worker depending on the location you reside or where you are located, the time of the year, and how far away.


The weight of the items that are being moved will determine the cost of local movers. Local moving companies will often ask you how many furniture and boxes you require before providing a quote. What size of space do you require? On average:

  • Studio Apartment - Two movers for three hours $240

  • Apartment 2 Bedroom Three Movers Five Hours $600

  • 3-Bedroom Apartment - Four movers, seven hours $1120


4. How can you reduce the cost of local moves

Local moves are often cheaper than long-distance ones. There are ways to cut costs on local moves. The amount of time it takes local movers to complete the job determines how much it will cost. They do not consider distance or weight. Here are some suggestions to help you save on local moving companies.

  • Reduce the number of items you have to move. Reduce clutter as much as possible to only bring what is necessary.

  • It is possible to pack your belongings or at the very least have several boxes ready for the mover.

  • It is also possible to leave clothes or shoes at your house. There is no need to employ movers to transport the items. Instead, you can take the items into your car.

5. Learn How to protect yourself from moving Scams

There are disadvantages when using local moving companies. There are numerous ways to get scammed. In the majority of states, moving companies have to sign up with their state department. You can safeguard yourself from fraud by confirming your insurance and registration.

  • What is the typical tenure of the company?

  • What protection do they offer If there is any?

  • How do they handle disputes over claims?

  • Can I get a written estimate?


It doesn't really matter if your move is within 50 miles or a few blocks. It is crucial to find an honest moving company that can be trusted with your precious possessions. You can spend all your time researching local companies and comparing costs until you can find the best team to meet your moving needs.

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